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TriDEx Registration
Trick Dog Expo
March 15-17, 2019
Purina Farms, Gray Summit, Missouri

TriDEx Registration<BR>Trick Dog Expo<BR>March 15-17, 2019<BR>Purina Farms, Gray Summit, Missouri

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Conference registration includes access to every part of TriDEx, including the workshop room, speakers room, vendor villiage, and Stunt Dog trial viewing. Some premium workshops require an extra supplies/specialty cost. You will be able to change your mind on the free workshops, but it will be helpful for us to know which ones you plan to attend.

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TriDEx Conference Registration:

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Rally Free

How to Train and Get Your Dog into Show Business

Canine Body Language

Canine Enrichment

Loose Leash Walking

Canine Conditioning Mini Course

Presenting: Showmanship in the Ring

Beginning Disc Dog

Disc Dog: Stalls and Vaults

No Leash? No Problem!

Platform Benefits and Uses

Introduction to Stunt Dog Competition

Weight Pull Workshop
Choose your additional workshops

Pet CPR and First Aid Certification [$75.00]

Craft: Wood Disc Decorating [$39.00]

Craft: Hula Hoop Decorating [$39.00]

Craft: No Mess Pawprint Painting [$30.00]

Craft: Beaded Dog Collar [$30.00]

Dock Diving Clinic [$30.00]

Nosework [$15.00]

Handler Scent Workshop [$15.00]

Canine Conditioning Coach course [EARLY BIRD $299 - REG. $324] [$299.00]

Stunt Dog Judge Certification Course [$75.00]

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TriDEx Trick Dog Expo - March 15-17, 2019, Purina Farms, Missouri. http://trickdogexpo.com