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Best Puppy Tricks (DVD)
Best Puppy Tricks (DVD)

Our Price: $9.75
Pay with Instructor Credits: 3 credits (includes free domestic shipping)

(Watch video excerpt below)

Kyra Sundance's Puppy Tricks - $9.75
Hosted by Kyra Sundance
Watch DVD excerpt!

Award-winning DVD!

Teach 17 tricks including:

   Spin Circles
   Paws Up
   Close a door
   Jump over my leg
   Figure-8’s through my legs
   Roll Over
   Respond to a clicker
   Touch my Hand
   Ring a Bell to go Outside
   Turn on a tap light
   Wipe your paws
   Hold my purse
   Open a door
   Litter in the wastebasket

51 Puppy Tricks
Our Price: $18.99

51 Puppy Tricks

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