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CTDI Certification Master Class Stunt Dog Judge Certification - Online Class Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach Certification Master Class
At the end of this course you will become a Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI).
Take this Master Class online course to become certified as a Stunt Dog Judge.
Become a certified Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach (CCFC)
101 Dog Tricks with Kyra Sundance (#1) Master Class 101 Dog Tricks with Kyra Sundance (#2) Master Class 101 Dog Tricks with Kyra Sundance (#3) Master Class
Learn these tricks: β€’ Sit β€’ Spin Circles β€’ Say Your Prayers β€’ Hoop Jump
Learn these tricks: β€’ Jump Through My Arms β€’ Shell Game β€’ Shake Hands β€’ Crawl
Learn these tricks: β€’ Beg β€’ Take a Bow β€’ Fetch β€’ Soda from the Fridge
101 Dog Tricks with Kyra Sundance (#4) Master Class Teach Dog Tricks Using Luring Teach Dog Tricks Using Marker Training
Learn these tricks: β€’ Leg Weave β€’ Cover Your Eyes β€’ Roll Yourself in a Blanket β€’ Tidy Up Your Toys
Learn these tricks: β€’ Spin Circles β€’ Close the Door β€’ Jump Over My Leg β€’ Figure 8's β€’ Roll Over
Learn these tricks: β€’ Respond to a Clicker β€’ Touch My Hand β€’ Sit β€’ Down β€’ Wipe Your Paws
Teach Dog Tricks Using Shaping Puppy Training Quickstart FREE - 20 Uses for Rainbow Ladder and Magic Square
Learn these tricks: β€’ Hold an Object β€’ Turn On the Light β€’ Fetch β€’ Open the Door β€’ Litter in the Wastebasket
Learn these tricks: β€’ Paws Up β€’ Clicker Training β€’ Touch My Hand β€’ Ring a Bell to go Outside
Learn 20 uses for the Rainbow Ladder
Novice Trick Dog - personal coach and title
Your personal coach, Trainer of the Year Kelli-ann Reilly, guides you through teaching enough tricks to earn your Novice Trick Dog title. Trick Dog title is included in course fee.