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Trick Dog Title
Trick Dog Title

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You will receive a certificate and ribbon.
Fee $24.00 includes Certificate & Ribbon
Pay with Instructor Credits: 4 credits


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Email: application@domorewithyourdog.com
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Novice Tricks

Back Up in a Chute (5 ft.)
Balance Beam / Dog Walk
Balance Cookie on Nose

Bang Game (smack a board)
Bow Under a Magic Square

Cavalettis in an Arc


Crawl (5 crawl steps)


Drop It / Give

Fetch (bring it near me)

Find Hidden Treats

Flying Disc (in air or rolling)

Focus (hold eye contact 5 sec.)

Hand Signals (perform any 3 behaviors with no verbal cue)

Hide and Seek (find me)

Catch a Toy in Mid-Air

Hoop Jump

Jump for Joy (jump straight up)

Jump Over a Bar

Jump Over my Knee

Kennel Up (send to crate/bed)

Leave It (10 sec)

Memory Game (3 baskets)

Muffin Tin Game

Paws Up on an Object

Pedestal (send to platform, 3 ft)

Peekaboo! (between my legs)

Platform Jump (2 platforms)
Rainbow Ladder (trot through)

Ring a Bell to go Outside

Roll Out a Carpet with Nose


Speak (bark on cue)
Stacking (for conformation)

Spin Circles

Stay (6 ft, 10 sec)

Target Disc (nose-touch disc)
Target Stick (nose-touch stick)

Touch my Hand (nose-touch)
Treadmill (sustained trot)

Tunnel / Chute

Walk on a Loose Leash (30 ft.)
Wall Stand (front paws on wall)

Which Hand Holds the Treat?

Wobble Board, Donut

Additional tricks (Novice):

Intermediate Tricks

2-on/2-off Peanut

2-on/2-off Pull Back On (pull front feet back onto platform)


Balance on Top of a Ball or Peanut (stabilized in a base)

Balance 4 Paws on a Small Block/Brick

Barrel Racing (go around a cone or object)

Baton Jumping (jump a handheld bar)

Carry My Purse (7 sec.)
Close a Door (using any method)

Crawl Tunnel (low tunnel that dog crawls through)

Directional Casting (send to specifically 1 of several platforms)

Discern Object Names (choose correct toy out of several)


Figure-8s Through My Legs

Flyball Box/Slant Board Swimmers Turn

Hand Signals (6 behaviors)

Heel at Left Side, Automatic Sit

Hold Object in Mouth (5 sec.)

Honk a Bike Horn

Jump Through My Circled Arms

Jump Wraps (figure 8s over bar jump)

Leg Weave

Mail Carrier (take note to someone)

Open a Door (using any method)

Paper-Covered Hoop / Blind Jump Through Curtains

Pawprint Painting (paw at easel)

Paws on My Arm as I Walk Backward

Peekaboo (stay between my legs while I walk)

Pick a Card from a Deck

Platform Jump with Hoop Between Platforms

Pull on a Rope / Tug

Rainbow Ladder (only front paws walk through ladder, luring OK)

Roll Over

Side-Step Drill (front feet in magic square/or object, rotate around it)

Shake Hands

Shell Game (nose at correct pail)

Sit Pretty / Beg

Soccer (push a ball)

Stay (out-of-sight stay, 20 sec)

Sustained Nose-Touch (hold position for 4 sec.)

Target Mark (go to flat/low mark or to magic square)

Additional tricks (Intermediate):

Advanced Tricks:

Back Up (5 ft.)

Barrel Roll (2 paws on top, dog rolls it)


Chorus Line Kicks (peekaboo alternating lifting paws)

Counter (I circle around treibball, dog stays opposite side of ball from me)

Directed Retrieve (3 identical gloves, point to the one to be retrieved)

Distance Work (3 behaviors, 10 ft. away; OK to treat between each)

Double Hoop Circle (2 hoops at my sides, dog circles me)

Footsies (peekaboo, dog places paws on my feet)

Head Down (chin rest)

Hide (dog hides in a box or behind an object)

Jump Into My Arms

Jump Over My Back

Mailbox (open lid, fetch mail)

My Dog can Count (what is 2+2? bark the answer)

Paintbrush Painting (poke brush at easel)

Phone (get the phone/toy when it rings)

Pickpocket Pooch (steal kerchief from your back pocket)

Place (circle behind me, sit at my left side)

Play Dead

Play the Piano

Pull a Wagon (pull rope attached to wagon)

Rainbow Ladder (only rear paws walk through ladder, luring OK)

Say Your Prayers

Side (swing finish to sit at my left)

Side-Step Drill with Front Paws on a Stabilized Ball

Skateboard (front paws only)

Spin a Tight Circle on a Small Block or Pedestal
Tap Light / Desk Bell / Easy Button
Target Mark (touch target with a rear foot)
Tidy Up Toys (into an open box)
Tracking (track a human scent trail)
Treibball (send dog to counter, push ball toward you 4 ft)
Turn Off the Lightswitch
Walk Another Dog
Wave Goodbye
Weight Pull a Cart or Tire While Wearing a Harness
Wipe Your Paws (dig at a doormat)

Additional tricks (Advanced):

Expert Tricks:

Achoo! (fetch tissue from tissue box, throw in trash)


Balance Beam: Double Rails

Barrel Roll (dog walks on top)


Bring Me a Soda from the Fridge (open fridge, fetch, close)

Climb a Ladder

Cover Your Eyes (quick swipe OK)

Cross Your Paws (usually lying down)

Disc Vault / Rebound (off my leg, back, hip)

Distance Work (6 behaviors, 12 feet away, treats between OK)

Find the Object with My Scent (6 identical objects)

Fishing (rope with treasure hangs over ledge, dog pulls it up)

Footsies (peekaboo with dog’s feet on my feet as I walk)

Handstand Against a Wall or Slant Board

Hoop Jump Over My Back

Index Cards (dog responds to written instructions, any method)

Jump Rope

Kennel Up (open door, go in crate, close door)

Leg Hike (lift rear leg)

Limp (walk with front leg lifted, 3 steps)

Litter in the Step Can

Mailbox (open mailbox, fetch mail, close mailbox)

Moonwalk (back up in a bow position, 4 steps)

Nose Work Box Search (find/indicate a scent that is not food)

Open a Door (by using door handle)

Paintbrush Painting (take brush from bucket and poke at easel)

Paintbrush (replace paintbrush in bucket)

Paw Pods (place 4 feet deliberately on 4 targets)

Piggybank (put coin in slot)

Push a Shopping Cart

Rainbow Ladder (step backward through it, low height OK)

Rainbow Ladder (push a yoga ball through it)

Shell Game (paw at correct pail)

Ring Toss

Roll Yourself in a Blanket

Rolling Hoop Dive (I roll hoop, dog runs thru middle)

Scootering / Mushing

Skateboard (3 or 4 paws on it)

Through a Hoop Lying on the Ground
Tidy Up Your Toys (including opening lid)
Treibball (send dog to counter the ball, push toward you 15 ft)
Weave Poles (independent, no lure)

Additional tricks (Expert):

Includes certificate and free ribbon.

Download and print the Trick Dog title application (PDF)


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